Maritz Partners with Forth Mobility to Increase EV Adoption

We are thrilled to announce Maritz’s partnership with Forth Mobility, marking our commitment to advancing clean and equitable transportation in the United States.

forth mobility

Forth is dedicated to enhancing access to electric vehicles (EVs) and charging infrastructure through various initiatives, including outreach, education, car sharing, workplace charging, and multi-family housing charging. Their efforts extend beyond electric vehicles, encompassing modes like e-bikes, school buses, and the electrification of farm equipment. Learn more at


With over 70 years of experience in the transportation industry, Maritz has successfully engaged in program administration, events, marketing, outreach, education, training, incentives, and much more. Our focus has been particularly impactful with automotive manufacturers, retailers, and utilities nationwide. Learn more at


Looking ahead, Maritz is eager to collaborate with Forth, capitalizing on their expertise in bringing together diverse stakeholders from the energy, state government, federal government, and non-profit sectors. Together, we aim to drive equitable transportation and foster increased adoption of electric vehicles and expanded availability of charging infrastructure.