Timely and
Our professional lead management experts have seen it all, which allows them to provide candid, unbiased feedback on issues plaguing your store. They also offer specific, actionable solutions that sell more cars now, not months down the line.
Car Sales Training Programs

Tapped Potential

Unlock and harness your team’s latent abilities. With our training sessions, your salespeople become equipped with the tools, advanced skills and essential insights to thrive in any competitive market or region.

Automotive Sales Coach

Dedicated Coach

With a minimum of 20 years in the automotive retail space, our coaches are the highest caliber training specialists in the industry. They understand what’s required to squeeze every drop of potential out of your sales team.

How to Organize Sales Leads

Customer Care

Do you know what your customers really want? We do. Take advantage of our expertise to dissect and decipher the lead beyond the lead, and you’ll begin making customers for life.

Lead Handling and Lead Generation Ideas

Force Multiplier

We don’t just train salespeople; we also teach BDC managers to become effective coaches themselves. Significantly increase your team’s ability to close sales by taking a deep dive into your operations – all led by one of our coaches, of course.

Internet Sales Workshop

Launch your new hires to digital sales mastery. Our intensive, interactive and engaging training session teaches fundamental elements of BDC and internet sales, ultimately allowing your team to get up to speed quickly. As a digital marketing agency, we’re able to develop and format Internet Sales Workshops for both in-person or virtual participants.


With a proven track record of producing exceptional results, Internet Sales Coach aims to improve internet close rates at your dealership. This out-of-the-box, ready-to-implement solution has been successfully utilized by all tiers of the automotive industry, from single dealers to regional groups to OEMs.

Average results with internet sales coach

Dealers who have been on our video-based coaching program for 6+ months see these results: