We deconstruct the entirety of your customers’ online journey, providing you with a comprehensive breakdown of your wins and lost opportunities.
Customized Assessments


All portions of the assessment —from enterprise dashboards and user interfaces to training videos and even evaluation criteria—are tailored to your specific business and industry.

Data Insights Tool


Don’t just see your score; learn from it. Our all-in-one platform provides you with assessments, training and all the educational tools needed to improve, including videos, screenshots, actionable solutions and more.

Weighted Scorecard

Weighted Scores

Our proprietary algorithm compiles data and assigns higher weights to items that directly affect sales for your dealerships.

Human Technology

Human Element

Technology is an exceptionally efficient tool to scrape data, but it’s not the be-all and end-all. We also leverage the “human element” to catch errors, decipher context and truly make that data relevant to you.

The Analysis
Reach Customers Across their Digital Shopping Journey
Technology that
drives potential

Momentum Performance Analytics is your real-time dashboard to dive deep into analytics, charts and data visualizations for the most effective evaluation.

Interactive Dealer Marketing Tool


Accurate Real-Time Data


Modern Automotive Digital Solution