At its core, marketing is about human nature. We employ behavioral science principles to gain a deep understanding of consumers’ behaviors and desires. The result: more customers knocking on your door.
Auto Lead Generation

Data-Driven Automation

We meld our human-first insights with data to plan, execute and optimize campaigns. While our team is fully hands-on, our clients don’t have to be thanks to our automated solutions and proprietary tools.

Audience Personas

Custom-Built Personas

We build and analyze robust audience personas based on demographic and psychographic data. Advertising and messaging tactics are then developed around the personas’ beliefs, preferences and interests.

Best Lead Generation Software

Next-Gen Technology

Our vendor certifications and partnerships give us exclusive access to industry data, early-beta software or SaaS releases, customized support and strategic solutions not available to other marketers.

Online Marketing Services

Limitless Applications

Although we specialize in automotive marketing, our products are uniquely capable of being utilized by any company, for any industry and with any goal in mind. If you have an audience, we have your solution.

The Formula
for Success
Reaching the right person, with the right message,
at the right time and place

Paid Search

Get in front of your audience with highly visible ads on ubiquitous search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Affinity and Intent

Create in-market ads that target consumers contextually based on their past search history, online habits and interests.

Paid Social

Generate online buzz about your company with paid ads on popular social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Pre-Roll Video

Insert your video ads ahead of user-selected content on YouTube and similar platforms.

Connected TV

Produce streaming video ads that display on smart TVs and devices.

In-Language Advertising

Develop text, image or video ads that are written in your target audience’s native language.

Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH)

Digital Out-of-Home advertising allows you to display your brand on public screens, such as digital billboards.

Display and Audio

Engage your audience with unique text, image, video or audio advertising.

Client Success


  • Generate awareness of a statewide electric vehicle incentive program with eligible consumers
  • Educate consumers about the program and details
  • Drive engagement with key content on the program website
Automotive SEO Services


To fully understand the industry, we began the project by thoroughly researching our client, their competition, search traffic and the market as a whole.

Automotive Online Marketing


With all data points in hand, we assessed every number, every trend and every anomaly to paint a clearer picture of the landscape.

Improve Automotive Customer Loyalty


We utilized our decades’ worth of expertise to filter out the good data from the bad data, distill that data into unique audience groupings, and design a comprehensive strategy.


Our client realized a significant boost in website traffic over the course of the program:

  • 1,010% increase in average sessions/month once paid media launched
  • 74% of sessions from paid media

A Winning Relationship

Working with McCarthy Auto Group since 2015, we’ve been humbled to share in their success as they’ve grown to add four dealerships under their umbrella. In fact, we consider ourselves more like their trusted partner rather than their vendor, as we are in constant, nearly daily communication.

“[Maritz] is very, very knowledgeable. I love the approach they bring to problems. I have always felt that the people [Maritz] were part of our team. To this day, that is a huge differentiator.

They have brought immense knowledge of the marketing world to the table, and with a defined focus in the automotive realm, we could tell that they are taking personal responsibility for the success of our campaigns. This was a refreshing difference to the ‘online’ and impersonal options at other vendors.

The relationship I have with them is one of the best relationships I’ve ever had with a vendor/partner. They understand the issues of the automotive industry and the importance of putting the customer experience at the center. Moreover, they do not just say it; they understand it and how everything connects to deliver on that promise. [Maritz] and their experienced marketing analysts bring a balanced, outside perspective.”

Karl Kramer,
Chief Marketing Officer at McCarthy Auto Group

Whether consulting on strategy, adjusting ads and budgets, or working directly with their internet sales teams, we’ve put in the hours to help their stores succeed – and succeed they have.

Increased Organic and Paid Traffic
Improved Clicks to Call
Increased Total Onsite Conversions
Increase in Engaged Users