Maritz Automotive’s Ongoing Partnership with Northwood University

Having worked together on numerous projects and endeavors over the years, Maritz Automotive has developed a strong partnership with Northwood University. Needless to say, we fully support the university’s goal of finding, inspiring and creating the next generation of free-enterprise leaders, both in and out of the automotive industry.

Maritz Automotive Scholarship

In 2019, we announced the Maritz Automotive scholarship for Northwood University students.

Maritz team members conducted classroom discussions with students in Northwood’s Automotive Marketing and Management programs, and those students were asked to write and submit an essay to compete for the scholarship. The scholarship, valued at $12,500, was then divided evenly amongst the awarded recipients.

The Maritz Automotive Scholarship Winners, 2019-2020. Left to right: Sam Griffith, Will Govan and Blake Holland

“Maritz is a people company, and we help our automotive clients improve their business results by applying our expertise in behavioral science to drive performance. It just makes sense that we understand how the next generation of automotive professionals are preparing for their careers. It’s important to listen to, talk and work with the students who have decided that the automotive business is where they want to be.”

Terry Erwin, SVP of Maritz Automotive

Sharing Expertise at Events

Terry Erwin, SVP of Maritz Automotive, is honored to have been part of roundtables at the Northwood University National Auto Show in the past, and Northwood University’s Associate Professor and Department Chair, Elgie Bright, has participated in FAR (Future of Automotive Retail), an event hosted by Maritz Automotive.

Classroom Discussion on Transportation Electrification

In 2021, Maritz Automotive led a classroom discussion about transportation electrification, which covered, among other items, how retailers are preparing for the evolving EV market. These discussions delved into how the U.S. EV market and retailers are expected to change over the next several years, as well as how EV incentives will play a role in consumers’ purchase process.

From left: Maritz Automotive SVP Terry Erwin standing with Department Chair Elgie Bright, two NU students, faculty member Jennifer Patten, and Maritz Automotive Account Executive Ruthie Burst.

59th NUIAS: The Largest Outdoor Car Show in North America

This year’s Northwood University International Auto Show (NUIAS) will be celebrating its 59th birthday. From October 7-9, 2022, this student-run car show is sure to be a great success again this year. We wish the staff and students of Northwood University good luck as they prepare for and launch this event!

Want to learn more or attend the show? Visit Northwood University International Auto Show (NUIAS).

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