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“My leads are bad” – is that true, or is there another reason your team isn’t closing at the rate you expect? If you question “why don’t our leads response to us” and you have a low contact rate then your BDC/Internet Sales department may have some Response Robots, when they have the potential to be Lead Detectives.

Join us via a free webinar from Digital Dealer to find out how to turn Response Robots in your department into Lead Detectives and empower them to create responsive customers and win more sales!

Title: “Robots to Detectives: How to Elevate Your Team’s Internet Sales Success”
Speaker: Alicia Von Bokel, Performance Manager at Maritz
Date/Time: Nov. 2 at 1:30 PM CST

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About Alicia Von Bokel

With an impressive tenure of over 15 years in the automotive industry, encompassing roles such as Sales Consultant, BDC/Internet Manager, Assistant Sales Manager, F&I Manager and District Sales Manager, Alicia brings a wealth of experience to the table. This expertise puts her in a unique position to assist dealerships across the nation. Currently serving as a Performance Manager for Internet Sales Coach, she collaborates with dealerships nationwide, offering a targeted solution aimed at improving CRM utilization. Her hands-on training involves delving into clients’ CRMs and extracting real examples of lead responses to discuss with sales teams. These discussions aim to refine sales processes, optimize CRM use and hone lead management skills.

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