FAR 2024: Maritz’s Industry-Leading Automotive Event

FAR (Future of Automotive Retail) 2024 is the industry-leading event presented by Maritz where top automotive OEMs, retailers, subject matter experts and guests will be hosted this April. Participants explore a wide range of topics that directly impact sales and profitability within automotive retail.

From the impact of AI and data analytics to the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) and the future of dealership operations, attendees will gain insights into the latest trends and innovations shaping the industry.

This year we have an amazing line-up, including the following:

  • Peter Leyden, Leading expert on the future with Keppler Speakers. Senior advisor on strategic foresight via Reinvent Futures. Host & convener of The Great Progression series. Former managing editor at WIRED, founder of two media startups, author of two books, journalist & foreign correspondent.
  • Kevin Tynan, Senior Automotive Analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence
  • Jim Fitzpatrick, Co-Founder JBF Business Media, CBT NEWS, ASBN.com America’s Small Business Network
  • Steve Greenfield, General Partner at Automotive Ventures
  • Thomas Kondrat, Global Leader, Advanced Analytics at Urban Science
  • Mark McNabb, Managing Director at Van Tuyl Companies

Goals of the conference include the following:

  • Explore the impact of disruptive innovation on all aspects of the automotive industry.
  • Understand how OEMs, retailers and newcomers are thriving in this challenging sales and marketing landscape.
  • Network and discuss new approaches to business online and in-store.

FAR 2024 will include lively, interactive general sessions, provocative guest speakers, and expert industry panels. Of course, there will be plenty of networking and social opportunities.

We’ll see you there!