Work Truck Week Fireside Chat with Maritz’s Alicia Von Bokel

Setting up commercial vehicle sales for success

Commercial vehicle sales is a specific niche of automotive that has its own unique needs. This March, Maritz Performance Coach Alicia Von Bokel attended Work Truck Week in Indianapolis where she was a guest speaker on a Fireside Chat titled, “Your Digital Toolkit for Success in the CV Ecosystem.” Other speakers included Jim Press and Kathryn Schifferle from Work Truck Solutions, as well as AJ Hewitson (Paradise Chevrolet Cadillac) and Rene St. Hilaire (Hendrick Automotive Group.)

Alicia Von Bokel joins Work Truck Solutions Fireside Chat at Work Truck Week

The session touched on all things digital sales. One of the critical topics raised was CRMs and how most commercial dealers are working with CRMs that are not set up for commercial sales success. This is something Alicia deals with regularly with her commercial dealer clients, as setting up the CRM to be effective is the only way for it to become an asset instead of an enemy to commercial sales.

As with all sales, customer service was also a topic in the forefront. Need for consultative selling rather than staff that can only take orders was strongly emphasized.

Work Truck Week Fireside Chat Speakers

Customer experience training, CRM utilization, and sales processes are critical components for success in today’s commercial sales. Learn more about how Maritz can help with commercial sales coaching.