Maritz Participates in White House Roundtable & Makes EV Acceleration Commitment

We’re thrilled to announce that Maritz transportation electrification leader Ruthie Burst was recently invited to the White House to participate in a roundtable of private sector leaders in the pre-owned vehicle sales industry alongside clean car advocates and State and federal officials to discuss the subject of EV (electric vehicle) adoption in the U.S.

This roundtable brought together state officials, pre-owned car industry retailers, organizations, and EV advocates to discuss the Previously-Owned Clean Vehicles tax credit made available through the Inflation Reduction Act, as well as topics surrounding the future of electric vehicle adoption. In attendance were John Podesta, Senior Advisor to the President for International Climate Policy, and other senior administration officials from the White House and the Treasury Department, as well as organizations such as Carvana, CarMax, ZETA, and Plug In America. The conversation among these thought leaders was highly productive as they discussed the current state of clean vehicles, generated ideas on how to better utilize the Used Clean Vehicle Tax Credit, and planned the roadmap for our shared future.

Inflation Reduction Act’s 25E Used Clean Vehicle Tax Credit

The Used Clean Vehicle Tax Credit plays a pivotal role in President Biden’s vision of achieving a 50% electric vehicle market share by 2030. This coalition came together to acknowledge the momentum driven by the tax credit and enhance its utilization and supporting tools.

Maritz: A Driving Force for EV Adoption

Maritz is actively involved in supporting the adoption of electric vehicles in the United States. As the facilitator of one of the country’s largest point-of-sale EV purchase rewards, Maritz excels in helping EV programs boost retailer and consumer participation and achieve crucial goals. Their extensive experience in the automotive industry, including driving performance at dealerships and assisting them in selling more vehicles, parts, and service, along with their established relationships with automotive OEMs, enables them to play a critical role in the EV ecosystem. Their dealer readiness training, consumer outreach and marketing, rebate management, and automotive industry insights are all valuable solutions and tools that can assist EV programs in achieving their objectives.

Maritz’s EV Acceleration Challenge Commitment

Looking ahead, Maritz is eager to collaborate with Forth, capitalizing on their expertise in bringing together diverse stakeholders from the energy, state government, federal government, and non-profit sectors. Together, we aim to drive equitable transportation and foster increased adoption of electric vehicles and expanded availability of charging infrastructure.

Maritz Transportation Electrification Leader Ruthie Burst

Ruthie Burst, a leader in transportation electrification at Maritz, is a prominent figure in guiding automotive stakeholders and assisting retailers in maximizing the potential of EVs. She is a member of Maritz’s Transportation Electrification Board (TEB), which is comprised of EV stakeholders from various critical areas, including policy, technology, OEMs, automotive retailers, infrastructure/charging providers, electric utilities, and academia. Ruthie is a highly sought-after expert and speaker for EV panels, programs, and conferences due to her expertise in automotive retail and transportation electrification. Therefore, her participation in the White House roundtable was a perfect fit, and she was pleased to have the opportunity to collaborate on this important topic.

Thank You to the White House for This Important Opportunity

Jeffrey Kellstrom, Chief Operating Officer & General Manager of Automotive Solutions shares, “Maritz would like to express our gratitude to the White House for hosting this significant event and providing us with the opportunity to participate. As a company, Maritz remains committed to supporting the vision of EV adoption in the U.S. We will continue to place emphasis on supporting and empowering automotive retailers and look forward to working with our partners to make EVs accessible to all consumers and help drive the growth of this important industry.”

Interested in seeing how Maritz can help you with your EV adoption program goals? Visit our Transportation Electrification solutions.